First Shiloh Baptist Church

Come join us for a spectacular weekend of growth, motivation, and fellowship as First Shiloh Baptist Church hosts its annual Women's  Weekend!  Each year the woman of First Shiloh get together to present a set of events that enlightens and nourishes the mind, body and spirit. This year will be no exception!

The weekend will start with Movie Night and a viewing of the movie War Room. War Room is a movie about family, marriage and the struggles and temptations some of us face today trying to hold it all together. Saturday morning will start with a Prayer Breakfast with the theme "The Power of Prayer. “This prayer session will be led by First Ladies of Buffalo.

The weekend will culminate with Sunday Worship Service. This year's event will feature the eloquent Rev. Victoria Ferguson-Young, Daughter of First Shiloh and member of First Afrikan Presbyterian Church of Atlanta, Georgia.

We will also have musical selections by a special women's choir under the direction of Sis. Edna Kee.

Women are encouraged to wear their favorite hat and gloves and give a donation of $30.00. Men will be asked to donate $10.00