First Shiloh Youth Foundation, Inc.

First Shiloh Baptist Church

The First Shiloh Youth Foundation, Inc. has the following positions available for the 2020 STEAM Discovery Camp.

The  STEAM Discovery Camp will enroll 60 children in grades PreK - 6th in programming from July 6th - August 17th. The camp will operate Monday - Friday from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. STEAM weekly themes are:  Science: Cool Science, Technology: Simple Machines, Engineering: Build It, Art: Bring out the Artist in Me, Math: Music, Math and More! 

If you are interested in applying, please submit cover letter and resume to or 

                                                               First Shiloh Youth Foundation, Inc., 15 Pine Street Buffalo, NY 14204.

                                                                                   Application deadline is March 13, 2020.

Certified Teacher(s) 

Will be responsible for teaching an age- appropriate  academic classes (ELA, Math, Science, Reading, etc.) that inspires student’s creative processes and self-expression through learning various skills, work in cooperation with other instructors and staff. 

Preferred Qualifications

  •         Bachelor’s Degree in Education; NYS Teacher’s Certification, previous teaching experience , working with children,
  •        1 year (Required); strong organizational and time management skills
  •        A valid New York State driver’s license
  •        Able to stand and walk for extended periods
  •        Experience in STEAM related programs.
  •        Plan, prepare and deliver fun, engaging and interactive instructional activities
  •        Create positive educational climate for campers to learn in.
  •        Create lesson plans and modify accordingly throughout the summer.
  •        Maintain progress ledgers
  •        Create projects designed to enhance lectures.
  •        Utilize various curriculum resources.
  •        Integrate competencies, goals, and objectives into lesson plans.
  •        Utilize curricula that reflect the diverse educational, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds of the students served.
  •        Develop incentives to keep participants in class. 
  •        Utilize public library and technology resources.
  •        Work with Camp Coordinator to ensure objectives are being met.
  •        Establish and communicate clear objectives for all learning activities.
  •        Observe and evaluate student's performance.
  •        Manage student behavior in the classroom by invoking approved positive and effective classroom management techniques.
  •        Incorporate arts and cultural and field experiences in curriculum.
  •        Other duties as needed.

Social Emotional Specialist 

To work directly with students needing Positive Behavior Intervention Supports.  This work can include documentation of progress, outcomes and service plans, home and family visits with some non-traditional hours required. working directly with students and families who are experiencing difficulties with behavior or other social-emotional issues. Social Emotional Specialists will also work to facilitate the implementation of mindfulness and restorative circles. 
The function of the Social Emotional Specialist role is to provide services and supports to those students that have been referred by Coordinator, Teachers and Instructors, as requiring Positive Behavior Intervention Supports.
Preferred Qualifications:

  •        Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work or related field, MSW preferred 
  •        3 years’ experience in the Social Work field 


Responsible for teaching an age- appropriate recreational, arts and cultural activities that inspires student’s creative processes and self-expression in cooperation with teachers and staff. 

Preferred Qualifications

  •        Bachelor’s Degree in Education, preferred; Associates Degree required; previous teaching experience is required; working with children, 2 years    (required); strong organizational and time management      skills; must hold a valid New York State Driver’s license; must be able to stand and walk for extended periods; experience in STEAM related programs;. Implement the curriculum with fidelity.
  • ·       Lead camp curriculum, sessions and lessons focused on STEAM 
  • ·       Implement and run daily learning sessions and other activities 
  • ·       Modify activities/lessons as needed to better implement within camp structure 
  • ·       Prepare materials needed prior to each camp session and/or before lessons begin 
  • ·       Responsible for cleaning up after sessions 
  •         Manage student behavior in the classroom by invoking approved positive and effective classroom management techniques.
  • ·       Facilitate classroom management and ensure camper engagement 
  • ·       Escort and participate in all field trips 
  • ·       Act as a positive role model for campers 
  • ·       Cultivate a fun environment and HAVE FUN!!! 
  • ·       Other duties as needed