First Shiloh Baptist Church

Church Ministries

Associate Ministers

First Shiloh Baptist Church associate ministers serves the congregation under the leadership of the pastor and play a vital part in the worship services and in the spiritual growth of the church body.  Therefore, they are capable, committed and compatible.  They share in the preaching ministry as called upon by the pastor and assist the pastor in teaching the Bible in all departments, as appointed by the pastor.  They, like the pastor, are called by God and ordained to the work of the ministry. 

Audio/Video Ministry

The mission of the Audio/Video ministry is to support the church as it relates to the hearing of God’s Word.  We do this by providing people that can operate the equipment that controls the microphones and speaker system in the sanctuary.  We also capture both an audio and video record of each service that takes place in the sanctuary.  Currently audio tapes are provided to the congregation for a donation of $5.00 and video tapes are $10.00 each. 

The Sick and Shut-in are provided audio tapes through our Diaconate and other designated members.

Book Club

The Purpose of The Book Club is to lift and glorify the name of Jesus and develop a relational network for those that love to read.  In addition, we desire to discover the relevance of the bible in our everyday readings and life experiences.

Christian Education Ministry

Our mission is for all First Shiloh members and those lives that we touch to continually grow in knowledge and awareness of God’s redeeming love as revealed in the gospel and the works of Jesus Christ. Our vision is for all ministries and members of First Shiloh made up of disciples, to become role models, following the life of Jesus Christ as followers (learners) and leaders (teachers).  We will model the ministry of Jesus Christ.

Deacon’s Ministry

Deacons are spiritual servants in the church.  They must  be people of good reputation, full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom, reverent, not double-tongued, not greedy for gain.  Deacons have a major contribution to make in strengthening the spiritual ministry of the church.  They are elected by the church in accordance with the Scriptures.  The Deacons assist the pastor in performing pastoral ministries in and for the congregation and the community.  Therefore, they have high ideals and practice them in their contacts with others.

Deaconess Ministry

First Shiloh Baptist Church deaconesses are reverent, not slanderous, temperate, and faithful in all things.  The Deaconess plays an extremely important role in the congregation and in the community.  Deaconesses assist the pastor in developing the spiritual life of the women and girls of the church for the best possible Christian service.  They cooperate with the pastor in visiting members, and in the care of the sick, needy, and distressed members of the church. The Deaconesses also cooperate with the pastor and deacons in the preparation of the observances of the ordinances of the church; Baptism and the Lord’s Supper.

Evangelism Ministry

We endeavor to train members of First Shiloh Baptist Church to become Disciples of Christ that we might all win souls for God’s Kingdom.  We will make every effort to practice relaying the message of our Savior, that He is the way, the truth and the life to all who come into the doors of our church. 

Food Pantry

First Shiloh Baptist Church Food Pantry was established by Mr. King Peterson and Mrs. Kenvil Echols.  The purpose of the pantry was and remains a place where low to very low income individuals and families that reside in our designated area and  meet the income guidelines can receive donations of food and clothing. We receive food from The Food Bank of WNY and Wegmans.  Our goal is to reach as many needy families as possible and provide them with necessities. With God’s help we will reach our goal.

Greeter’s Ministry

First Shiloh Baptist Church Greeter’s Ministry is designed to greet people entering the church for worship services  and special events with a smile and offer direction as needed. 

Laymen’s Ministry

The main focus of the Laymen’s League is to cultivate the Christian life of men through study, worship, fellowship and service.  With the active participation from a group of dedicated men, the league sponsors the following church wide annual activities:  A Father of the Year Award on Father’s Day; a summer ice cream social, a Laymen’s overnight retreat as a part of the men’s day weekend, a men’s Sunday School Class and the Male Chorus.

Missions Ministry

First Shiloh Baptist Church Mission Ministries commitment is to worship God and to care for Gods’ people at home and around the world.  We follow the teachings and commandment of our Savior as found in the 28th chapter of Matthew.  Secondly, we feed the hungry, care for the sick, cloth and feed the less fortunate and bring Gods word to those that have lost their way.  In addition, the Missions Ministry encompasses several other ministries: The Food Pantry, White Cross, American Baptist Girls, Paradise House (Women’s Shelter), Global (Pennies From Heaven),  and Home   Mission (Sick & Shut-In)

Music Ministry

The Music Ministry is composed of the Minister of Music, Church Musicians, Choir Director, and Choir.  This ministry must  establish an on-going music program which includes theory, voicetraining, and music appreciation.  Other duties include the fostering of annual music programs, workshops and the providing of an annual recognition of the choirs.  Members should have a basic knowledge of music, an appreciation of worship values and tact.

Prison Ministry

The Prison Ministry seeks to glorify God through carrying out the Biblical work of proclaiming the Gospel to those in prison.  Through prison ministry, we seek to establish and/or maintain a relationship with those incarcerated within our reach, focusing on local, county units and
rehabilitation centers.  We seek to develop innovative ways of relating ourselves to people who need a relationship with God.  We provide spiritual nurture to equip and motivate men and women to live Christian lives in the correctional facilities. By having a constant presence in the correctional facilities, we aim to respond to the pastoral and sacramental needs of the prisoners, their families, those who work with them.

Pastor’s Bible Study Class

Much of the pastor’s work is teaching.  Jesus is referred to as a master teacher, not a preacher.  Therefore, teaching is most important and all members are invited to participate and engage in an intensive study of the Bible every Wednesday.  Pastor’s Bible Study hour meets each Wednesday at 11:00am and at 6:30pm.

Senior Pastor

The senior pastor of First Shiloh Baptist church is a person that has been called by God to
preach the gospel, ordained to the work of the ministry, and called to serve as the leader. He must maintain the highest type of Christian Character.  He is the leader of the church and has the oversight of the work of training all believers for their work of ministering. He must study, preach, teach, lead, exhort and reprove.  He leads the church in accordance with Gods word.  He is the unifier of the gifts of ministry within the church. 

Senior Ministry

Our Mission is to set an occasion for Shiloh Seniors and community seniors to come together in love and thanksgiving to life the name of Jesus.  To develop programs that will be pleasing and uplifting to all who attend.  To praise God as we reach out to others who may come and join our Shiloh family.

Sunday School

Sunday School is to fulfill the purposes of God.  The focus is on both the believer and thenonbeliever.  The goal is to lead the nonbeliever to salvation through faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and the believer to be transformed into the likeness and mind of Jesus Christ. 
Sunday School is not an options it is a requirement.  Please join us in fulfilling God’s purpose. 

Sunshine Benevolent Circle

We service the Sick & Shut-In members by spreading good will, sending cards, visiting nursing homes, sponsoring shopping trips and providing donations to the City Mission.  We also deliver monetary gifts and Christmas plants to all elderly, sick and shut-in members and those members confined to hospital and nursing homes.  We are committed to informing our members of all church activities and we sponsor activities throughout the year such as: shopping trips, delivery of monetary gifts and dinners.


Our church provides van service to all who need transportation to attend Sunday School, regular Sunday Worship Service, choir rehearsal and other church functions.  Merely contact the church or transportation coordinator.  We do all we can to enable all who desire to praise the Lord.  We are fortunate to have safe and courteous drivers that enjoy serving all who need and request van transportation. 

 Trustee Ministry

First Shiloh Baptist Church trustees are persons elected by the church to act as legal agents for the church.  When church approval is given, trustees are authorized to sign legal documents on behalf of the church.  The trustees, with the assistance of the budget committee, secures the  necessary funds to meet all expenses within the budget, as adopted by the church, to maintain and advance the work of the church.  Trustees, like deacons, should have a good reputation, be full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom, not be greedy for gain, be able to manage home and children well. 

  Usher’s Ministry

First Shiloh Baptist Church has two very active Ushers Boards, the Senior and Junior Ushers.  The Junior Ushers are the youth of First Shiloh between the ages of 8 and 18.  The Senior Usher Ministry has representatives from both the women and men of Shiloh.  The Ushers primary

responsibilities include the following:  welcoming each of us as we enter the sanctuary, directing us to seats, assisting those in need during the service, collecting the offering, and providing order to the movement in the sanctuary during service.  “Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere.  I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of the wicked” Psalm 84:10  

White Cross Mission

The White Cross Mission is a component of the First Shiloh Baptist Church Mission Department.  We are under the direction of the American Baptist and receive various sewing assignments.  These projects are to be completed within the given year.  All projects are shipped to various locations throughout the world, such as: Africa and the Philippians.  Our home mission extends to our church and community.

Willing Workers

The Willing Workers Club is the oldest club in First Shiloh Baptist Church and was established in 1918.  The mission of this club is to be a service in any way possible to the Lord and this church.  Since its establishment, the Willing Workers  provide help, resources and encouragement to all members of this church and community.  We exist to continue providing a ministry that will allow all to improve their lives and become better disciples of the Lord.

Women’s Fellowship

The purpose is to glorify God in our work with the women and girls of the church; to get to know each other in order to become a more cohesive group; to provide spiritual support to each other and to plan and implement meaningful programs. 

Youth Ministry

The Youth Ministry strives to teach our youth the basic principles of Christianity in order to begin and develop an active relationship with Christ.  Our youth are being trained to deal with the events and challenges of everyday life by applying Christian values and principles.  Youth are prepared for and encouraged to participate in outreach and evangelism activities.  The programs of the Youth Ministry include youth bible study, a Sunday School class designed specifically for ages 12-18, Friday Fun Night, Youth Choir and quarterly field trips to explore educational, career and employment options.