Centennial Celebration Calendar 2016


Centennial Stars Campaign
Thursday, March 10th

The Morehouse Glee Club in Concert
First Shiloh Baptist Church

Sunday, May 15th

Re-enactment of Walk

from 40 Cedar Street (Old First Shiloh Location) to

15 Pine Street (Current First Shiloh Location)

Saturday, July 23rd

Tour of the Michigan Ave. African American Corridor

Saturday, July 30th

“Community Service Project”

at Paradise House-144 Mills Street

Saturday, July 30th- Sunday,
November 6th 100 Days of Prayer

Sunday, August 14th

Children and Youth Day

Saturday, August 20th

Community Day/Block Party
Community Health Fair

Thursday, November 10-Sunday, November 13
The First Shiloh Baptist Church Family Reunion

Thursday, November 10th

Informal Family “Get –Together”

Friday, November 11th

Centennial Gala - Adams Mark Hotel

Saturday, November 12th

Concert - “100 Years-100 Voices”

Sunday, November 13th

Worship Service

Sunday, November 13th

Closing Reception


*This list includes Centennial Celebration Committee Planned Programs only. The community is welcome to attend and participate in all activities.


First Shiloh Baptist Church